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David Garrett


Writer / Director / Producer

David Garrett David Garrett has written feature films for Dreamworks, Universal and Paramount. He also co-wrote “Foreign Exchange” for MTV Films and the musical comedy “Do That To Me One More Time” (with Jack Black) for Touchstone Pictures. Garrett co-wrote “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” (Sony) as well as “First Pet” and “Corky Romano” for Disney. Garrett just directed and produced the feature-length documentary “Who is Alvin Greene?”, which premiered in the Summer of 2011.

Garrett has also written and produced pilots, series & specials for ABC, NBC, CBS, UPN, MTV, USA, Comedy Central, Showtime and Fox. In 2008, David sold the half hour reality show “I’ve Never” to Reveille and the one-hour dramedy “Citizen’s Arrest” to the USA Network. Previously, he co-wrote the half hour pilot “Central” for CW. In 2006, NBC bought the half-hour comedy pilot “The Dysfunctionals”. which was based on David’s life. WB’s “Living with Fran”, which Garrett co-created and Executive Produced, was also based on his life and ran for 2 years.

He sold the half-hour comedy “Model Family” to Fox with Jamie Kennedy in 2007 and produced 26 episodes of the animated series “Da Mob” for Fox Kids. In 2005, Garrett sold and co-wrote “The Hatfields & McCoys”, a dramatic mini-series for the USA Network. He’s also had development deals with Fox Television Studios, Paramount TV, and Touchstone.

David attended SMU and has lectured on screenwriting at New York Film Academy, Columbia College and film festivals throughout the world. He is currently Vice President of Development and Production at Intrigue Entertainment. David is also an attorney and graduate of UCLA Law School.