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Heide Fliegner

Heidi Filegner

Director / Instructor

Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome (director’s name), related to the famous musician Johann Sebastian Bach, was lucky to get her first film set experience on the set of Dreamwork’s Titanic. Since then, she knew she couldn’t do anything other than creating motion picture content, writing scripts to produce, to be a DOP and to direct.

She started in 2001 her full service film production company www.rollcallpictures.com, Downtown Munich, Germany. From there, she worked all over the world for all kind of clients: the Pinakotheken (the biggest museum in Munich, the Bavarian state, documentaries for the LMU, the main university in Munich, the Chinese government, an exhibition trailer, and a real time film in a mock up for a big exhibition in China. She built up a brand in NYC for different markets, through delivering the video material and coordinating the look for the Chinese, Japanese, European, and South-American markets. She worked for beauty and fashion companies, Schwarzkopf and Vogue / Conde Nast, produced life style trailers at the NYC fashion week, as well as in Paris. She worked for the Italian main cultural group in Rome for the Notta Bianca, producing a documentary as well as creating a movie screened as a cultural event at the Notta Bianca in Rome. In addition she worked as an international journalist for documentaries in the field of science, medicine, psychology and education Together with LMU (State University in Munich, and Prof Gunther Moll, ect)

Heide’s first Hollywood short, produced, directed, and DOP’ed by Heide Fliegner, “Before It’s Too Late”, starred the Academy Award nominees, Eric Roberts and Robert Loggia, as A-list actors. This movie won seven awards, at the Pasadena International Film Festival (PIFF), the Family Film Festival at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, a Golden Remi Award 2015 in Houston, the same award won by Steven Spielberg and the Coen Brothers and Georg Lucas.

In 2015, she won an award for the experimental version of the cult feature KOMAKID (she produced, directed, and DOPèd, again two REMI awards for the cult version. This version was selected for a sneak preview at UCLA at the James Bridge Theater, and was to become part of the UCLA archive. Three of her commercials won at the Worldfest in Houston 3 Silver Remis in 2015/2016. 

She has also taught and developed the curriculum as a Dean at the Sachtler Academy in Munich, at high schools in Nürnberg, Bavaria and at the “Hollywood- teaches” program for Rollcallpictures and FA Verinet GmbH, as well as together with the CEO Prof. Silvia Kratzer at the New Hollywood School. She also had classes at the Nashville Film Institute.