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Natalia Lazarus CEO / Founder

Natalia Lazarus

Founder / CEO

Artistic Director, Natalia Lazarus is at the helm of the Promenade Center for the Performing Arts (www.promenadeplayhouse.com) & its subsidiaries: Promenade Conservatory (to become Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory), an accredited Acting School, 3rd Street Comedy, The Promenade Players Theatre Company, The Confluence Art Gallery, & the Creative Keys to Success Series, the Acting, Writing, Directing & Personal Growth technique that she created and developed. In addition, Ms. Lazarus is also a private and international coach for Hollywood celebrities on sets (most notably Ken Jeong of The Hangover, Community & Knocked Up; Teresa Ruiz from Border Town with Jennifer Lopez & winner of the Cannes Camera d’Or 2010); and in institutions throughout the world, like Bridge Media, The International School of Cinema of Paris, the Guanajuato Film Festival, Casa Azul in Mexico City, River Hollywood Training School in Tokyo Japan, Instituto Stanislavsky in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in Los Angeles to name a few…

Ms. Lazarus is a graduate of the Sorbonne University in Paris, France, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, the Film Program at New York University; with adjacent studies at the University of London, The British Film Institute and the Ned Herrmann Brain Dominance Center. She is Syd Field’s “docent” & one of the few in the world authorized to teach his screenwriting technique.

Her written works include: Screenplays: Getting Even, Norma Beckman’s Return (Hollywood Film Festival winner), Voices of the Drina, based on the Bosnian War, Ripened on the Vine, adapted from the book of the same title, A Life Interrupted, currently in post-production and recently hired by Omega Films in France to pen The Picasso – Rubens Enigma. Plays: her One Woman Show, Birthday Girl (selection at the Edinburgh Int’l Theatre Festival in Scotland), Programs and Books: the entire curriculum of LAPAC’s three-year degree, The Actor’s Key, The Screen Star Key, The Screen Icon Key, The Pathology Key, The Director’s Key and The Screenwriter’s Key.

Directorial Credits include: Films: Life Interrupted, The Trilogy: Growing Up, The Room, Sans Promesse. Stage: The Dining Room, In Bed with Tenn (a collection of Tennessee Williams One Acts), The Laramie Project, All in the Timing, Porno Stars at Home, How To Go Out On A Date In Queens, The Ties that Bind, Top Girls, Crimes of the Heart, and Oh Hell!

Acting Credits include: Stage: The Dreamer Examines His Pillow, The Runner Stumbles, Frida Kahlo, Malcolm & Teresa, Chilean Holiday, Not the Fifth, the Ninth!. Film: Across the Line, Hanging With the Homeboys, Portrait of a Puerto Rican, Touchstone, Maria Cristina, Side Bets, Love It Is. TV: Promised Land, On Common Ground, Passions, The Young & The Restless, The Bold & The Beautiful, You Be The Judge, Reyes & Rey, Port Charles. Commercial & Voice Over Campaigns: Anheiser Busch, Bank of America, Dodge, Coca Cola, Texaco, Estee Lauder, Mitsubishi, McDonalds, Gerbers, Smirnoff Vodka.