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Pablo Patlis

Pablo Patlis

Actor / Writer / Director

Born in Argentina, superstar Pablo Patlis began his career in major Theatre plays. One of his earliest performances, the leading role in “The Shadow of Betrayal”, earned him a best actor award at the New York Off Broadway Festival – USA. Pablo quickly moved into television and film becoming an instant success, where he had the chance to display his excellence in comedy and drama in roles only comparable to those played by a young Brando, DeNiro and Robin Williams. In no time, Pablo’s exceptional talent reached international status in over forty countries, winning him awards in the “Best Actor” category in such countries as Argentina, Italy, Israel, and Russia, among others.

The new millennium saw Pablo moving to the USA to pursue his acting, hosting, singing and songwriting career. Since then he has been acting both in television and film: His recent leading role as the antagonist in the film “Gang Warz,” gained him critical acclaim. “Gang Warz” has received rave reviews at AFM and the New York International Film Festival, and is set to travel to upcoming festivals in Europe.

Recently, Pablo has branched off into writing and directing. In the syndicated show “Macabre Theater” he performs his self-developed character, “Juan de la Barca de la Barca de la Barca norte,” which generated a swarm of positive support, confirming his expertise as a highly achieved director and comedy-improv actor.

Pablo is currently developing his own TV show. As Creator and Director, his intention is to humorously educate viewers on the consequences of our actions on the life of our planet, combining music and comedy.