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Sean Barnes

Sean Barnes

Actor / Director / instructor

Sean Barnes has been acting, directing, producing and teaching non-stop for the last twenty-five years. He began acting in film at age seventeen in the San Francisco bay area and later studied theater and film at SFSU. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles, where he studied at Playhouse West. During this time, Sean booked acting roles in TV, film and commercials and worked with renowned actors and directors such as John Mahoney, Stanley Tucci, Zach Galifinakis, Paul Mazursky, Steven Spielberg, Pete Postlewaithe, Hume Cronyn and others.

After four years of rigorous training and study, Sean began to teach at Playhouse West. In teaching, Sean found his true calling and as the student body grew, he took on classes from Beginning to Advanced levels. While continuing to make a living as an actor, he co-taught several classes with Jeff Goldblum, expanding his knowledge, abilities and responsibilities. Over a decade, Sean became a favorite teacher of much of the student body, and taught thirteen classes a week and gained charge of his own studio (Studio 3) at the Playhouse. As he learned from Mr. Goldblum, and founder Robert Carnegie, Sean also worked with up and coming talents like James Franco, Scott Caan, Mark Pellegrino, and Josh Cooke to name just a few.

Sean developed His MEISNER ON CAMERA method, a way to keep sound acting principles intact while also gaining on camera experience. His unique Meisner On-Camera technique has had unparalleled success in preparing students for the set working from both instinct and knowledge. He has also taught Meisner On Camera programs at The Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica, guest lectured and taught at Columbia College Chicago’s Semester in LA Intensive Program. Sean has lectured or taught at The Iceland Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Reno Film Festival, Idaho Film Festival and The Actors Network.