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Certificate Program – Directing

Approved for International and Domestic Students:  3 Full Time Quartersdirecting


To facilitate directing students into effectively expressing themselves by helping them to discover the personal connection to their work, and to give them the tools necessary to bring that personal expression to life.

At it’s heart, filmmaking is a complex and high-tech form of storytelling. It combines and required from all participating, a delivery of artistic and media forms of expression, in order to bring a final projection onto the screen that will satisfy the emotional appetite of the audience. The finished film should guide the spectator to another world, to other emotions, and through a foreign story, which the director internalizes. The Directing Program at LAPAC is designed holistically. The main focus lies on creative and artistic forms of design, which can be translated by technical knowledge and the study of those tools.

In order to create effective and meaningful works of cinema, the film director must learn to tell each story in a personal, passionate, and accomplished manner. Our program teaches the tools for that. This program develops the director’s skills to create high emotional impact towards the audience. We focus on teaching the director to understand and create an intensely high visual concept. This includes pre-production services such as storyboards, mood boards, shooting skills: camera perspectives, cinematic tools, and post-production skills: editing, dramatic finalizing, review of editing, sound design, and the importance of film music.


The Film Directing program at LAPAC is designed for the director who wants to learn the creative, artistic, and technical tools and styles for creating a short movie in a high-end Hollywood quality to succeed, and be able to screen the finished movie at international film festivals. Part of the program is a full-service production process where the director creates their own short movie in high-end Hollywood quality. This program is inspired by the style, visual concepts, and the cinematic narrative film language of Steven Spielberg. Roll Call Pictures International Film Company is supporting the program at LAPAC to provide modern, creative, artistic, and technical tools and standards for producing the short movie within this program.