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Gap Year Program

Approved for Domestic Students – 3 Full Time Quarters

gap year

Building Confidence Self Esteem & Life Skills thru Performing Arts
Wherever you may want to take your bows, what you learn here will help you get there.”

The instruction is inward bound, more than acting and directing, it’s an increased awareness of the world around you, learning to be active, effective, present, fully engaged with others… and in control…whatever path you may take in life.


The instruction is taught by Hollywood Acting Professionals who combine their multi-disciplined performance training to provide a stimulating program that gets participants in tune with who they truly are, and from there, how to become anything or anyone they want to be, calibrating and trusting their instincts, in order to achieve objectives, building confidence and self-esteem. Among the many tools used are role playing, readings, on camera reviews, writing exercises, and Personality Type and Communication workshops, so that the individual better understands themselves and those they interact with, communicating more effectively.


Our program instills participants with life, leadership, and team building skills, beyond what they could learn in any other venue, delivered in a fun creative way thru the lens of Acting, Directing, and Storytelling. The program includes an exploration into: ~ The Language of Corporate and Artistic America ~ Analyzing Key Archetypes in a variety of settings ~ Profiling and understanding the behaviors of Archetypes ~ Developing the skills for evolving those Archetypes into the roles you need them to play ~ Helping to achieve objectives, instead of blocking those objectives The insights gained in our program equip participants to quickly “read” any situation, business or personal, and we help participants develop the skills to take any situation forward to almost any desired outcome. Our premise is this: Life is fiction, and we are each the authors of our own destinies…we teach participants the skills to write their stories forward to conclusions that would not otherwise be achievable.


Utilizing proven concepts from the rich world of directing, acting, and screenwriting, participants become connected to their life’s journey in a remarkable new way, much like the leading character in a film. More than being better equipped to handle anything that life throws at them, they are now equipped to rewrite the script life gave them, into a much more interesting journey than they otherwise would have had.


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