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Current Quarter Class Schedule- Spring 2016

LAPAC Spring Quarter begins April 11, 2016

On Camera – From a Directors Perspective – Instructor: Heide Fliegner 
Wednesday 11:30 – 2:30
Training that coaches the actor for on set skills crucial for the fast workflow and understanding the function of all departments. Film-Set concepts covered: frame size, staging marks, & continuity. The actor will be shot from different angles, from rehearsal to performance. The actor learns to detach to get the technical info needed to structure his performance, and learns how to attach again by jumping into the inner world of the character to appear authentic on camera. The actor’s look and presence are examined and improved to achieve the strongest performance. Course culminates in a finished show reel.

Acting Techniques  –   Instructor: Natalia Lazarus                                                                                                    Mondays   6pm – 9pm 
Concepts from Meisner, Adler, & Strasberg Techniques. The artist will develop the fundamental skills of trusting one’s instincts, applying the use of objectives, working moment to moment, script analysis, creation of place, body language, and sense memory. The work is explored through improvisations and scenes.

The Character Key: A View into the Dark Side  – Instructor: Natalia Lazarus                                                      Tuesdays   7pm – 9pm
A course designed for actors, writers, and directors to better understand themselves and the crafts of acting, screenwriting, and directing. Introduction to the basics of human psychology through Addiction, Disconnection, Abusive Patterns of Behavior, Control Release Cycles, Curses and Spells. Participants learn the origin of pain and suffering, how to access repressed feelings and engage in empathy and transformation.

Movement Styles and Voice – Instructor: Jasmin De Main                                                                                            Thursdays   11am – 2pm
In this course the student learns how to consciously use the body as a means of communication, character creation and stage/set presence, exploring different archetypes and time periods. Voice and movement work includes the Alexander and Laban Techniques.

Defining the Screenplay – Instructor: Natalia Lazarus                                                                                                    Wednesdays   3:30pm – 6:30pm
From the idea to the page, students will learn screenplay structure, character development, plot points, the creation of each act, and scene by scene breakdown. Well-known screenplays are used as a model for analysis and the viewing of them as a finished product in film allows the student to see how the written word is interpreted on to the screen.

Acting Technique Studio Rehearsal                                                                                                                                              Thursday   3pm – 6pm 
Students will meet with their scene partners to prepare for their Acting Technique class in a structured rehearsal process, in order to insure and extract their best performance.