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Certificate Program – Screenwriting

Approved for US Students: 3 Full Time Quarters screenwriting

This program was created to allow those not seeking a formal degree to attend and benefit from a highly skilled and professional faculty through carefully tailored classes in screenwriting. Also, this Program allows Domestic and International Students, the possibility of an American /Hollywood experience without having to invest the time and money necessary for a 2 year degree.

To facilitate for the writing students an effective and expressive journey by helping them to discover their personal connection to their work and to give them the tools necessary to bring that personal expression to life through their writing in a structured and sequential manner.

Screen Writing is a demanding art form in which the writer must learn to compress the complex world of their story and characters into a lean and concise written document. This deceptively demanding writing form requires the writer to compress an entire universe into a stripped down, less than 90 – 120 page document. In order to create effective and compelling stories, the screenwriter must learn how to tap into his or her own personal experiences and meld them with the demands of the story and genre in which they are working. The final goal of the screenwriting certificate program is the creation of at least 2 finished short and/or feature film scripts as well as exposure to specialized courses in dialogue and genres. scripts

This program is also designed as a finishing school for writers who want to focus on the writer’s process as well as gaining a better understanding of script analysis and breakdown, character development and an exploration into the psychological dark side of characters, the visual aspects of cinema, and an in depth study into the “business” aspects of screenwriting.