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Summer Intensive Acting Program for Teens


Designed for teens 13 -17 interested in acting for film and stage. Students are taught by working professionals to explore their imaginations, to develop skill, self-confidence, and self-esteem through a variety of acting techniques and exercises.

The 2 week Intensive includes classes in Acting Technique, Creative Movement and Voice, On Camera Techniques (Theatrical / Audition techniques), and Improvisation.

Acting Technique

Students will explore their imaginations through acting techniques created by Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, and Stella Adler, using monologues and scenes from stage, film, and television. This course teaches the actor to learn the craft of acting in a fun, spontaneous, and Hollywood style way.

On Camera Technique for Theatrical Auditions

This course deals with all aspects of Film and Television Auditions. The actors will develop a winning on-camera audition technique by exploring the physical adjustments necessary for the camera, the difference in acting from stage to film, the microphone, breaking down the script, creating characters and finding them and bringing them to life. The course includes scripts from sitcoms, television dramas, commercials and films.


This class focuses on acting, characterization, creativity and spontaneity through improvised scenes and theatre games.  In this fun workshop, actors learn to think quickly, make stronger choices and increase confidence.

Creative Movement and Voice

Using the voice as the Actor’s Instrument, the actor learns to release any stress allowing him/her to connect to an authentic, truthful voice. The actor learns techniques for the fundamentals in breath, posture, articulation, and how to create characters through movement and exploring different archetypes.

On Camera Technique for Commercial Auditions

This class is a step by step learning experience for the student that demystifies the Commercial Audition process. The actor is introduced to most types of commercials and the specific techniques for each one. Some of the styles covered: Character One Liners, Food and Beverage One Liners, MOS Spots (no dialogue), Improvisations, Slice of Life, Group Spots.


The summer teen program is available throughout the summer.  Contact LAPAC by email or at (310) 656-8070 at for more information on start dates.


2-Week Acting Intensive Program Cost: $2395
(Includes: Tuition, Housing at UCLA Campus, and two meals a day)


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