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Screenwriting Classes at Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory

The Screenwriting Classes at the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory trains the artist to be a visual storytelling using the written word.

Overview of LAPAC’s Screenwriting Classes

Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory (LAPAC) provides screenwriting training for beginners and advanced artists.  The final goal of the screenwriting classes is a portfolio of several finished scripts for shorts and a feature film script.

Screenwriting is can be deceptively simple.  While a good movie seems to come effortlessly off the screen, writing it requires the writer to compress an entire universe into a document approximately  90 – 120 pages long.  LAPAC will guide you through the challenges of this art form and prepare you for a career as screenwriting in Hollywood.

Our school is approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education as a degree granting institution and we offer an Associate Degree of Fine Arts in Screenwriting as well as 1-year screenwriting certificate program.

screenwriting classes at the LAPAC screenwriting school

Full List of Screenwriting School Programs

screenwriting classes at the LAPAC screenwriting program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to leave LAPAC’s program with a fully written film script?

Yes.  The expectation is that students will be guided through the script writing process so that by the time they leave the program, they will have a completed script in hand.

How do I apply to LAPAC?

Start by filling out our Online Application. Once submitted, LAPAC will contact you and provide you with the next steps of the admissions process.

What’s the tuition at LAPAC?

Visit our tuition section for details.

Do you accept international students for screenwriting?

No, at this time LAPAC is not offering screenwriting for international students.  However, international students are eligible for our acting school and directing school programs.

Where can I find a school catalog?

Visit out Catalog, Policies, and Guidelines section.

Do you offer student housing?

You can learn about housing options by visiting our Student Housing section.

More questions?

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